Followers Youth Annual Ski Retreat
Date: Tuesday February 16th to Friday February 19th
Resort: Revelstoke Mountain
Location: Revelstoke, B.C.
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This is important as your parents need to know this information as well. Please don't precede without them.
Do you have your parents permission to attend GNarnia '16? *

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Hi {{answer_13050490}}. Do you have any ski or snowboard experience? *

This is not a requirement.  However, we do highly recommend that you take a lesson or two.
{{answer_13050490}} how do you plan to purchase your lift passes for the mountain? *

Please keep in mind that purchasing them before hand online will give you a discount.

Emergency Contact Information *

Please provide emergency contact information in case we need to contact someone
This includes parents/guardians name, phone number, email as well as your hospitalization number.
Acknowledgement and Understanding of costs *

Each youth is responsible for their own lift passes.  Beyond that, the cost for the youth go to accommodations at Top Hat Terrace in Revelstoke, B.C., as well as the rental of our van and gas. Cost for food, rentals (if needed), and lessons (also if needed) are extra and not apart of the total cost.

Aside from purchasing their lift passes, each youth will be responsible for a cost of $250, made in two instalments.  A $100 non-refundable deposit is due December 15th (non-refundable because of the rental of the property) and the remaining $150 will be due by Feb. 2nd.

There will also be one fundraiser (TBA) to which each youth will be expected to be a part of.  

If you understand, click yes.
Rules and what to pack... *

There will be allotted time for cell phone use, otherwise youth will be asked to be off their phones and hanging out with the group. 

Youth will be expected to be respectful of the premises, of the leaders and of each other. There will be separate areas for both the girls and boys that will be exclusively theirs and not open for the other to hang in.  There are large area for everyone to hang out in as well as an area outside with a hot tub.

Things to pack:
Outdoor gear (Snow jacket and pants, gloves, toque, etc)
Snowboard or skies (if you have them)
Swim wear and towel
Anything you want to have for the van ride
Money for food and any additional costs
Do you have any comments or questions about the event?

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